Chris-Hill Construction was founded in 1965 by Bill Christenbury and J.B. Hill as a partnership doing primarily bridge and industrial projects. Since that time, the company has grown and expanded its scope of services, and has operated as a limited liability company since the 1990's.


The company has played an important part in the development and construction of many of the areas roads, buildings and infrastructure. Chris-Hill was general contractor on many notable projects such as:


+ BNSF Intermodal Facility

+ Pyramid/Bass Pro Seismic Contract 2

+ Johnson Creek Wastewater Pump Station
+ Shelby Farms Greenline

+ Shelton Road Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

+ Medical Center Rail Extension Bridges


Among the notable projects for which Chris-Hill performed works as a major sub-contractor are:


+ Main-to-Main Harahan Bridge Project

+ Baptist DeSoto Hospital Expansion

+ St. Jude Hospital (Multiple Projects)
+ Target House

+ Memphis International Airport - Airport Parking Garage


Chris-Hill Construction is committed to working with project owners to provide high quality construction services with a clear focus on bringing projects to successful completion on time and within budget. The company is committed to working safely from leadership at headquarters to employees working in the field. In testament to that fact is the company's current workers' compensation insurance modification rate of.75 which is the result of many years of emphasis on workplace safety.


As a company we are committed to doing business with integrity in all that we do. We believe in treating everyone we encounter during the course of our work the same way we wish to be treated.

Chris-Hill Construction crew using a Kobelco crane and other equipment at the Memphis Pyramid Seismic Restructuring Project.



Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC has supplied Chris Hill Construction Company on numerous PMC projects since 1999. They have always showed us integrity and quality in their performance and work. Modified Concrete is honored to be selected as a key supplier on any of their projects.

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